Norman Regional Hospital temoparary medical facility

Delivering Temporary Medical Space Where You Need It, When You Need It.

Johnson Portables has developed an adaptable, durable, portable building system that can be rapidly deployed in a variety of situations. Quick to assemble, these panelized portable buildings can be erected and fully functioning within weeks, offering shelter, electrical service, heating/cooling, and bathroom facilities.

Johnson Portables building are designed to serve many different functions.

Ambulance Entrance in Johnson Portables Building

Ambulance Entrance

CT Scan in Johnson Portables Building

CT Scan

Trauma Room in Johnson Portables Building

Trauma Room

Nurse’s Station in Johnson Portables Building

Nurses Station

X-ray in Johnson Portables Building


Jonson Portables Corridor


When Renovation is Planned

Health care systems face unique challenges as they attempt to provide technologically advanced services in aging facilities. Building upgrades are often necessary, but providing top-tier care and revenue continuity can present significant challenges.

Hospital Renovation

Johnson Portables Responds

Johnson Portables works with you to tailor the right solution for your unique requirements. Our patented, panelized building system can be quickly designed and assembled on a system’s campus, parking lot, or adjacent land and available for use prior to the beginning of renovation.

Construction of Johnson Portables Building

Johnson Portables Delivers

Johnson Portables delivers space appropriate for many functions including patient care, CT scan, x-ray, emergency department, sterile processing or surgical suites. The temporary space provides for appropriate standards of care, including TJC (formerly JCAHO) accreditation.

Johnson Portables Sterile Processing Facility

Johnson Portables Delivers Needed Space to Spring Valley Hospital

In October 2015 Johnson Portables built a temporary medical facility at Spring Valley Hospital in Las Vegas. Spring Valley needs the additional space for an observation unit while the hospital is undergoing renovation.

Learn more about Johnson Portables work at Spring Valley Hospital.

“Johnson Portables system is a very unique and well engineered solution to building structures required for quick deployment in emergency situations.  The raised floor concept with its own integrated foundation is brilliant.”

“Whether usage is for houses, hospitals, clinics, or offices the Johnson Portables solution is a great solution to the issue of rapidly deployable systems that can accommodate a number of emergency needs.” 

“The flexibility of using this system is remarkable.  The solution set has been used in hospitals that meet all code requirements.”

– Paul K. Carlton, Jr. M.D., FACS
Lt. General, United States Air Force (Retired)
Former Surgeon General of the Air Force
Director, Office of Homeland Security, Health Science Center, Texas A&M

PK Carlton
Devastation at Joplin hospital following tornado

When Devastation Hits

On May 22nd, 2011, a devastating F5 tornado struck the community of Joplin, MO. The tornado’s path of destruction caused numerous deaths, injuries and significant residential and commercial devastation. St. John’s Medical Center in Joplin sustained a direct hit. The nine story, 367 bed hospital suffered irreparable damage.

Jolin MO Hospital Reconstruction

Johnson Portables Responds

Initially, tents were used for temporary medical facilities – an unsustainable solution for the care required by the community. In a short 22 days from enlisting Johnson Portables, materials for the interim facilities arrived in Joplin. Phase I was fully operational and occupied four weeks later.

Joplin hospital

Johnson Portables Delivers

By October 3, 2011 – less than 14 weeks after giving the approval to Johnson Portables – the full 31,000 square-foot portable health care facility was completed and occupied.  The interim hospital includes 60 beds, emergency department, ICU, access corridors to a catheterization cab, mobile surgical and radiological trailers, and dialysis facilities.

Johnson Portables Delivers at Winston Medical Center

April 28, 2014, Winston Medical Center in Louisville, MS took a direct hit from an EF4 tornado. On January 5, 2015 Johnson Portables was on site to start construction of a new temporary facility, and on April 1, 2015 the hospital was operating out of this new facility. Winston Medical Center will be operating out of the Johnson Portables building for about three years while the new hospital is constructed.

Learn more about Johnson Portables work at Winston Medical Center.