Temporary Medical Space

We understand the need for temporary medical space that hospitals and clinics face when undergoing renovation, expansion, or after a natural disaster. Johnson Portables offers the best solution when space, time, and code-compliant temporary medical buildings are critical.

When additional healthcare space is needed we provide:

Temporary Emergency Departments

Imaging: CT, X-Ray, Mammography, etc.

Sterile Processing

Observation Units

Temporary Operating Rooms

Temporary Patient Rooms

Lab Services


Flexibility in Design

Our building system is not one size fits all. We understand that no two hospitals are exactly alike. While there may be similar challenges and constraints, the solution for each hospital is unique. We partner with our customers to understand the programmatic space needs, as well as the unique characteristics of the physical site, to provide a facility to meet each hospital’s unique needs.


Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center Panama City, FL

Medical Swing Space Case Study

Spring Valley, NV

Johnson Portables built a temporary medical facility for Spring Valley Hospital in Las Vegas. Spring Valley needed additional space for an observation unit while the hospital was undergoing renovation. Once on site, the 4,992 square foot temporary ambulatory healthcare and observation unit was completed in 38 calendar days and met the Clark County building code for permanent construction.

Learn more about Johnson Portables work at Spring Valley Hospital.

Disaster Response

Quick to assemble, Johnson Portables has been the go-to disaster recovery solution for hospitals affected by natural disasters. Johnson Portables buildings bridge the gap between the immediate response of FEMA tents and the time it takes to rebuild the hospital.


Johnson Portables has a long history of responding to hospitals impacted by natural disasters. We understand the critical need to quickly restore healthcare to the community following a natural disaster or other catastrophic event.


Each building we erect is tailored to the explicit needs of the particular hospital. The first thing we do is sit down with you to understand your exact needs for temporary medical space. We work with you to custom-make the right solution for your unique requirements.


Our experience in restoring healthcare to communities impacted by natural disasters has led us to develop long-term, temporary medical facilities that can be constructed almost anywhere. Our buildings can be built on uneven surfaces with minimal site preparation, shortening recovery time.

Temporary Hospital Case Study

Winston, MS

Winston Medical Center in Louisville, MS took a direct hit from an EF4 tornado. Johnson Portables was on site to start construction of a new temporary facility, and less than four months later they were operating out of this new facility. Winston Medical Center operated out of the Johnson Portables building for about three years while the new hospital was constructed.

Learn more about Johnson Portables work at Winston Medical Center.

Unique Building System

Johnson Portables has developed an exclusive patented building system. The raised floor platform includes its own foundation, minimizing the need for extensive site work. The unique building system allows the building to be erected quickly and functional much faster than traditional building methods. Johnson Portables buildings meet all current industry standard codes.

Code Compliance

Johnson Portables buildings are code compliant meeting Joint Commission Standards and requirements.

We will work with local authorities to meet specific code requirements in your location should it be needed.