• Spirit Tree in Joplin MO

    Thoughts on Recovery

    Today I woke up thinking about loss, about grief, and how we face the kinds of life altering events that change our lives forever; events after which there is no going back to life as it was, there is only going forward.

    For the people of Joplin MO and Moore OK , that was their reality on May 22, 2011  and May 20, 2013 respectively. Their lives were forever changed as an EF5 tornado ripped through their communities.  Life as they knew it was gone; it is a moment marked in time forever.

    I have come to call these kinds of days 9-11 days; days that start out so ordinary;  blue sky, perfect weather, no inkling that soon life will be altered forever….
    And then it is… And survivors are left reeling. Life no longer fits.

    How we talk to ourselves and others about these events has implications for how we move forward.
    Not “what if?”, but “what is”; it helps to focus on what is true.
    Not “why?” But “what now?”
    How do we move forward?
    What is the next thing I need to do?

    Know there are people in place to help; there are people with resources whose mission is to come along side and help; to support you or your community in the effort to recover and rebuilt, whether it is your life or your community .

    Johnson Portables is one of many companies designed to help you respond, rebuild, and recover.
    We acknowledge that after a disaster, whether natural or man-made, life is forever changed.
    But we also know that restoring continuity –whether it is medical care or business, provides a framework of stability that is important, some would say even essential,  to recovery.

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