About Johnson Portables


To solve the customer’s critical need for temporary, energy efficient, code compliant medical facilities by  supplying a rapidly deployable, customized, hard walled building system, fully equipped with HVAC, water, and electrical hook-ups.


To be a leading global supplier of portable, panelized, customizable medical facilities.

Company History

Founded in October 2006, Johnson Portables is the culmination of 12 years of research and development with the mission of producing a quickly deployable alternative building solution for buildings that need be erected on any type of terrain.  Following the destruction caused by Hurricane Ike in Galveston, Texas; Johnson Portables was called to install a compounding pharmacy with their unique, panelized, modular building system.  Other applications have followed that include kidney dialysis, surgical support structures, and clinics.

Patented design, state of the art manufacturing, and carefully chosen suppliers have positioned Johnson Portables as a leader in the portable modular building industry.

Offering sales and leasing options, Johnson Portables provides adaptable, durable, portable medical facilities solutions.

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson, founder and president of Johnson Portables has a 20 year history in the portable products business. Brian served for 20 years with the Rogers Group of Clare, Michigan in various leadership capacities, including president of both Filcon and StageRight divisions. During his tenure at StageRight, Brian was instrumental in the development of the MetaSpace™ system (formerly known as Emergency Isolation Treatment Center, or EITS*).

Brian served several board positions including:

  • Central Michigan University’s LaBelle Entrepreneurial Center Advisory Board Member 2006-current.
  • Middle Michigan Economic Development Corporation Board Member 2004-current.
  • CMU Department of Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Member 2002-2008.

Diane Johnson

Diane’s degree in Public Health education and leadership experience in the non-profit sector have come together in her passion to launch the MetaSpace™ concept as a key component to the complex solution to the global health care crises we face today.

The unprecedented global disasters of the past five years have revealed the urgent need to provide portable, durable, hard-walled buildings that can be quickly deployed for both medical care and shelter in order to alleviate human suffering, and prevent further loss of life. We believe the MetaSpace™ system is that solution.

The recent V.A. healthcare crisis has brought to the forefront the need for additional medical facilities to care for our nation’s veterans. To this end, we believe Johnson Portables can provide a solution to the immediate need for additional health care facilities until new medical facilities can be built. We are committed to joining in the fight to provide immediate access to quality medical care for those who have so bravely served our nation.