Galveston Sterile Processing Department

On September 13, 2008 Hurricane Ike made landfall, flooding much of the first floor of the University of Texas Medical Branch campus (UTMB). The entire infrastructure was damaged by the storm surge, causing an estimated $700 million in damages.

Johnson Portables provided UTMB with facilities needed to restore 3 critical and diverse services: The first was to provide a structure for the hospital pharmacy; Johnson Portables arrived on site on October 8, 2008 and completed the 768 SF facility 7 days later on October 15, 2008.

Next, Johnson Portables provided a chemo compounding pharmacy complete with HEPA filtering, negative air pressure, and 30 air exchanges per hour, completing this building and turning it over to UTMB in 11 days.

The third facility provided to UTMB is the 6,800 square foot Sterile Processing Department, shown here.


Project Name: UTMB – Galveston Sterile Processing Department
Location: Galveston, TX

Project Description: Stand Alone Sterile Processing Department

Square footage: 6,800
Received Order: : 6/29/2011
Shipped Order: 9/3/2011
Started on Site: 9/5/2011
Completed/ Turned Over to Customer: 12-30-2011
Days to Complete: 115