Johnson Portables “Restoring Hope” at Winston Medical Center

On April 28, 2014, Winston Medical Center in Louisville, MS took a direct hit from an EF4 tornado that demolished over 300 homes in Winston County and took the lives of 10 of its residents.

On May 19, 2014 the hospital began operating out of tent units a few miles away. While everyone was thankful to have local medical services restored, the tent facility lacked private rooms and bathrooms and patients still had to be taken elsewhere for services such as CT Scans and X-Rays.

On January 5, 2015 Johnson Portables was on site to start construction of the new semi-permanent facility. On April 1st patients were being seen in the new hospital. With the new facility, the Winston Medical Staff was once again under one roof and critical services like imaging were restored, along with comfort and privacy for the patients.




What I would say to anybody who goes through the same type of situation we have gone through; that Johnson Portables ought to be, if not the first phone call, the second phone call they make.

-Paul Black, CEO of Winston Medical Center





Michael Evens




It looks like a state of the art hospital. It is better than most of the county hospitals here in the state of Mississippi.

-Michael Evens, House of Representatives District 43



I have a lot of confidence in what we have right here.

–Will Hill, Mayor of Louisville & Chair of Winston Medical Center Board


Will Hill, Louisville, MS Mayor


Nurses Station

WMC Hall

Hospital Hallway

WMC Waitingroom

Emergency Waiting Room


Physical Therapy



WMC Hospital Room

Hospital Room

Project Name: Winston Medical Center
Location: Louisville, MS

Project Description: Emergency Department, Lab, Pharmacy, Imaging, Ten Bed Patient Care Unit, and Eight Bed Psychiatric Unit.

Square footage: 15,200
Received Order: 11-24-2014
Shipped Order: 12-30-2015
Started on Site: 1-5-2015
Completed/ Turned Over to Customer: 3-28-2015
Days to Complete: 82