Swing Space Ambulatory Healthcare & Observation Unit

The 4,992 square foot temporary ambulatory healthcare and observation unit built for Spring Valley Hospital in Las Vegas was completed in 38 calendar days and meets Clark County building code for permanent construction. The exterior was designed to match the existing facility which is connected to the Johnson Portables building with a corridor.

Blueprint of Johnson Portables building at Spring Valley Hospital Las Vegas

Entry way to Johnson Portables building at Spring Valley

Entry way from existing hospital into Johnson Portables addition.

Patient Room

Patient Room

Nurse Station

Nurses Station

Project Name: Spring Valley Hospital
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Project Description: Swing Space for Ambulatory Healthcare & Observation Unit

Specific and unique features to this project: Building is built as a permanent space.

Square footage: 4,992 
Received Order:
Design – 9-11-2014
Construction – 6-30-2015
Shipped Order: 9-9-2015
Started on Site: 9-14-2015
Completed/ Turned Over to Customer: 11-4-2015
Days to Complete: 38