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    Pandemic Response and Johnson Portables Emergency Isolation and Treatment System (EITS)

    September is National Emergency Preparedness month as designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) within the department of Homeland Security.

    This year’s theme is Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare and recent pandemic crises such as MERS and Ebola certainly remind us of the need to be prepared

    Johnson Portables MetaSpace™ system was originally developed as an Emergency Isolation and Treatment System, designed to assist with national emergency preparedness.  Our mission is to solve the critical need for temporary, energy efficient, code compliant medical facilities by supplying a rapidly deployable, customized, hard walled building system, fully equipped with HVAC, water, and electrical hook-ups.

    We care deeply about emergency response and preparedness, have responded to numerous crises, and work every day to ensure our nation and our neighborhoods are equipped to deal with emergencies.

    The backstory:  With SARS on the horizon in China and across the US border in Toronto Canada, and the Anthrax contamination of the Brentwood Postal Facility and the Hart Senate Building, over a decade ago First Responder Eric Poach was charged with developing an emergency isolation and treatment facility that would be fully self-contained, could be rapidly erected, and was equipped with directional HEPA-filtered airflow necessary to create the equivalent of a negative air pressure isolation facility.  This system was designed to isolate and treat patients who had contracted life-threatening diseases like SARS and Anthrax, thus keeping existing hospitals free from contamination. The idea was that once the crisis had passed and the contagion was no longer a threat, these isolation and treatment facilities could be incinerated, thus containing the pathogen and keeping hospitals free from contamination.

    Fast forward 12 years:

    This emergency isolation and treatment center has undergone several revisions to become the panelized building system now known as Johnson Portables MetaSpace™, an American standard of care medical building system that meets or exceeds the following codes:

    International Building Code, including State specific adopted sections.

    International Fire Code, including State specific adopted sections.

    International Mechanical Code, including State specific adopted sections.

    National Electrical Code, including State specific adopted sections.

    International Plumbing Code, including State specific adopted sections.

    International Fuel Gas Code, including State specific adopted sections.

    International Energy Conservation Code, including State specified adopted sections.

    NFPA 101 Life Safety Code

    FGI and AIA Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities

    Local ordinances as necessary


    We are grateful to our partners; the architects, engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers who have worked with us to create this system and provide a much needed resource in the battle against virulent pathogens like Ebola and MERS.

    As noted above, September is designated as National Preparedness Month

    Our next blog will deal with how you can be involved in preparing your home, business, and community for emergencies and disasters, both large scale and small local events.

    The following websites contain helpful information on how you can prepare for emergencies.






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