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    Solutions to the VA Healthcare Crisis

    What constitutes a crisis?

    What distinguishes a disaster?

    What characterized an emergency?

    The Johnson Portables MetaSpace ™ system was engineered to provide emergency health care in times of crisis and in response to disasters, both natural and manmade. The Johnson Portables panelized building system was originally developed as a quickly deployable emergency isolation and treatment center, designed to provide a fully equipped medical facility with negative air pressure and HEPA filtration system needed to accommodate isolation and treatment of patients.

    The recent V.A. healthcare crisis has brought to the forefront the need for additional medical facilities to care for our nation’s veterans. We believe Johnson Portables can provide a solution to the immediate need for additional health care facilities until new medical facilities can be built.

    Our panelized building system can be quickly erected adjacent to existing facilities to provide additional patient wings, pre/post operation care, emergency facilities, surgical suites, or primary care clinics.

    The Johnson Portables MetaSpace™ system provides a viable, practical, workable, solution to delivering additional health services such as dialysis, radiology, lab stations, and telemedicine technology so urgently needed by our veterans.

    We are committed to joining in the fight to provide immediate access to quality medical care for those who have so bravely served our nation; we believe the addition of supplementary facilities would reduce the time veterans wait for needed medical services.

    Johnson Portables is committed to help and support our service men and women.

    We believe that our Veterans deserve our best and brightest technology; they deserve access to the very best healthcare; the best our country has to offer in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease; the best care, attention to illness, injury, and physical or mental impairments.

    We offer to do what we do best—provide a rapidly deployable building system designed to bridge the gap in providing healthcare services until new facilities can be built.


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