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    Temporary Emergency Department in Moore, OK Survives Tornado Without Major Damage

    MOORE, OK – March 25, 2015 – The temporary emergency department in Moore, OK was hit by an EF2 tornado, less than two years after the 2013 EF5 tornado that ripped through the area killing 24 people, causing $2 billion in damages, and destroying the Moore Medical Center. The temporary ER, designed to handle winds of up to 140 mph, survived the tornado with no injuries to patients or staff and only minor cosmetic damage to the building.

    Hospital officials were relieved, but not surprised, that the interim emergency department weathered the storm. “This is Oklahoma. We knew there was a risk of another tornado,” said Moore Medical Center Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. “Our primary focus for the temporary emergency facility was safety. The Johnson Portables building system gave us confidence the structure would withstand severe weather conditions and, more importantly, serve to protect our patients and staff.”

    The interim hospital facility was designed and constructed by Michigan-based Johnson Portables, a company that specializes in medium-term medical facilities for disaster relief and hospital renovations. When asked about the temporary facility and the recent tornado, Brian Johnson, President of Johnson Portables said, “We engineer the temporary facilities to be able to survive tornados and hurricanes, but you never want to see that put to the test. We’re pleased that our buildings were able to protect the patients and staff in Moore.”

    Once the tornado passed, ER staff returned to treating and accepting patients throughout the evening of March 25th. The temporary emergency facility continues to operate without interruption. Construction of the permanent healthcare structure is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2016.

    About Moore Medical Center

    Moore Medical Center is part of the Norman Regional Health System. Norman Regional Health System is a multi-campus system that serves healthcare needs throughout south central Oklahoma. NRHS is operated by Norman Regional Hospital Authority, a public trust, which serves the public interests and functions as a political subdivision of the State of Oklahoma. More information can be found at normanregional.com

    About Johnson Portables

    Johnson Portables designs and constructs advanced temporary medical facilities with its MetaSpace technology. Johnson Portables buildings are energy-efficient, code-compliant medical facilities that are fully equipped with HVAC, water, and electrical hook-ups. Johnson Portables is based in Midland, MI. More information can be found at johnsonportables.com

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