What Makes Johnson Portables Building System Unique?

Johnson Portables has developed a modular, adaptable, durable, portable healthcare facility that can be rapidly deployed in a variety of emergency or non-emergency situations. Assembled faster than traditional construction, Johnson Portables buildings can be erected and fully functioning within weeks offering customized medical facilities complete with electrical service, heating/cooling, and bathroom facilities. Intended for either short or long term use, Johnson Portables structures can be hooked up to either municipal or portable water sources, and to either generators or existing power sources.

Why Johnson Portables?


The Johnson Portables patented, panelized building system is designed with individual components that are easily assembled into the desired amount of space and configuration.

  • The raised floor platform, featuring its own foundation, can be adjusted and leveled with ease to accommodate variable terrain.
  • Plug and Play Utilities allow for easy and quick assembly.
  • Can be set up as one large building or divided into several smaller ones.
  • Structures can be connected to municipal water and electrical supplies or to portable sources.
  • The basic structures can accommodate a variety of interior furnishings and equipment to satisfy a broad range of short and long-term uses.
  • Johnson Portable Buildings can be disassembled, stored for reuse and/or reassembled in a new configuration.


All components are manufactured with high quality durable materials such as aircraft grade aluminum, plated steel, and fiberglass.

  • Withstands the elements: Wind & Seismic Rated.
    • Rated to winds of 140 mph.
    • Seismic rated for zone 4.
  • R value is R13 walls, R 16 roof, and R9 floor.
  • Manufactured with all synthetic materials.
  • Original Johnson Portables prototype unit erected after Hurricane Katrina withstood Hurricane Rita.
Johnson Portables Building


Components are packed flat and can easily be transported by truck or sea-going container.

  • Assembled easily and rapidly with manpower, hand tools and step ladders. No fork trucks or heavy equipment is required.
  • All components for a 32’x48’ building fit in a 53’ over the road trailer.
  • All components for a 32’x32’ building package fit a 40’ sea going container.
  • No component weighs more than 125 pounds.
  • Building are easily taken down, packed flat, transported, and reassembled in another location and/or configuration.
Johnson Portables Building Transportation System


The raised platform foundation that can be adjusted and leveled with ease to accommodate a variety of terrain


Installed hurricane anchor with nylon straps


Buildings include all required heating/cooling, electrical, and plumbing

Johnson Portables buildings are code compliant meeting Joint Commission Standards and requirements.

Facilities are complete with electrical service, heating/cooling, and bathroom facilities.

Building Codes Johnson Portables Meets

2015 International Building Code

2015 International Fire Code

2009 ICC / ANSI A117.1, Accessible and Usable Building and Facilities

National Electric Code, NFPA 70, 2014 Edition

2015 Uniform Mechanical Code

2015 Uniform Plumbing Code

2012 International Energy Conservation Code

2006 AIA Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities

Nevada Admin. Code (NAC) 449

2012 NFPA 101, 2012 / 1999 NFPA 99

ADA 2010

All SC Revisions

Any Other Code Governed by Industry Standards


People in Johnson Portables Building

Facilities are rated to withstand winds up to 140 mph
Seismic rated for zones 2, 3, and 4.
R value is R13 walls, R16 roof, and R9 floor.

This is a list of standard codes Johnson Portables can meet. We work with local authorities to meet specific code requirements in your location should it be needed.