Complete Hospital at Willamsburg Regional Hospital

In October 2015, South Carolina had received historic rainfall. Between October 1st and 5th it is estimated the town of Kingstree, SC received 31 inches of rain causing widespread damage.

Williamsburg Regional Hospital in Kingstree was not spared from the disaster. The situation turned from bad to worse, as flooding was not the only issue. Heavy rains caused the roof to fail and it quickly became a matter of air quality as mold began to grow in the walls. The hospital had to shut down.

As a critical access hospital it was imperative that solutions for providing healthcare be put in place quickly. Williamsburg Regional Hospital reached out to Johnson Portables, and within four months of starting construction the temporary hospital was built.

Sharon Poston

In the temporary hospital we can do everything we could do in our old hospital…we are able to bill according to the same numbers and the same timeframe as we could before.

-Sharon Poston, CEO of Willamsburg Regional Hospital

Most of the patients who come in say ‘wow’. This is better than what we had, this is nicer than what we had, this is so clean and new.

-Dr. Troy Gamble, Chief Medical Officer of Willamsburg Regional Hospital

Dr. Troy Gamble

Robin Cooper

We have been through a couple of storms since we have moved into the Johnson Portables building. We’ve been through an ice storm, we have been through potentially three hurricanes and we completely evacuated for one hurricane. But when we came back nothing in the hospital had been touched. There was no rain inside of the building, and no siding off of the building. It made us feel good we know we are protected.

-Robin Cooper, Chief Nursing Officer of Willamsburg Regional Hospital

CT Scan

CT Scan



Chemo Compounding

Chemo-compounding Containment Hood


Patient Bathroom

Blood Draw

Blood Lab

Williamsburg Regional Hospital Main Enterance

Main Entrance

Project Name: Wiiliamsburg Regional Hopsital
Location: Kingstree South Carolina

Project Description: Complete Hospital with dietary services, CT Scan, nuclear medicine, X-rays, lab, and pharmacy.

Square footage: 24,352
Received Order: : 6-14-2016
Started on Site: 7-18-2016
Completed/ Turned Over to Customer: 12-16-2016
Days to Complete: 151